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Hips That Rip video cover

Thousands of girls are doing it! They admit they're addicted! They live for the white powder. Find out more about this growing trend...

Check out "Hips That Rip" - The first video about female snowboarders.

HIPS THAT RIP - Back Cover"HIPS THAT RIP" shows dozens of women boarders of all ages and abilities. The docu-vid includes free-riding, competitions and interviews. Morgan LaFonte rips it up. Michele Taggart talks about the way it was. Bev Sanders provides archive footage.

You'll also meet many boarders from around the world who hope to ride their way into the 1998 Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan. "HIPS" includes contenders for Halfpipe or Giant Slalom medals like Michele Taggart, Aurelie Sayres and Tina Basich from the US, Jennie Waara from Sweden, Karine Ruby from France, and Victoria Jealouse and Wendy Wyvill from Canada. The vid also features rising stars like fifteen year old Paige Warner from the Midwest.

Some of the segments included in "HIPS" are the US Open, BBC, USASA Nationals and the Gathering of the Goddesses. There's also skysurfing, skateboarding, and in-line skating.

The vid was shot at locations in Alaska, B.C., California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, Washington and Wyoming.

"HIPS THAT RIP" has a smokin' stereo soundtrack that includes four hot bands from Caroline Records NY: Sincola, Engine 88, Brackett and Husikesque. Seattle groups include: KK Rider, Carol Lund, PDA, Michelene Impossible and Bartholomew. California Bands include: Diabolicals from South Lake Tahoe, Pele Juju from Santa Cruz, Boom Cowboyz from Auburn and Blues Patrol from Nevada City.

The "HIPS" cover design was done by Jason Toutolmin (530) 542-9505 at ART'FX in South Lake Tahoe.

The appeal of "HIPS THAT RIP" extends far beyond the exploding world of snowboarding. The vid is for anyone who admires women that hang up the phone, put down the mirror, turn off the TV, close the frig, and go out and push the boundaries.

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