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About Pow Productions

Valerie Stewart is producer and owner of Pow Productions, a video production company based in the Sierra Nevada foothills near Lake Tahoe. Ms. Stewart’s current video release is "Outlaws to Olympians", a docu-vid featuring pro snowboarders from around the world. "Outlaws to Olympians" received a prestigious Classic Telly Award at the 20th Anniversary of the Telly Awards.   Valerie Stewart at the gate. Click to read about her Snowboarding addiction!
  Valerie Stewart

Valerie also produced the award winning docu-vid, "Hips That Rip", the first video about female snowboarders. Both videos are selling internationally.

Valerie Stewart and fellow competitors.

(Left to Right) Donna Vano, Paige Warner, Valerie Stewart, Janet Finer
  Ms. Stewart’s background includes work as a producer and editor at several Northern California television stations. Valerie received her undergrad and graduate degrees from UC Berkeley. She maintains an active teaching credential and enjoys teaching snowboarding, history and video production. Ms. Stewart was an organizer and speaker at the influential Snowboarders Against AIDS event - a four county, HIV awareness/snowboarding day for teens in Northern California.

Ms. Stewart competes in the Legends Division (ages 40-49) of the USASA (United States of America Snowboard Association). Valerie placed first in Boardercross at the 2001 USASA Nationals. She received First Overall Carving at the l997 and 1998 USASA Nationals. She has placed in Freestyle, Slalom and Giant Slalom events in her division at 6 USASA Nationals.

Pow Productions also shoots, produces and edits promotional videos. Valerie’s recent projects include an international promotional video for Pipe Dragon, the halfpipe carving machine that has set a new standard for competition pipes. Pipe Dragon was used to cut the halfpipe at the Olympics.

Valerie at the medal ceremony

(Left to Right) Donna Vano, Valerie Stewart, Joni Knowles

A family affair

Ms. Stewart is married to William Schenk, who is responsible for her snowboarding addiction! William is Pow Productions' senior videographer. The couple also shares a six year old son, Brenden.

Brenden Stewart Schenk   Brenden Stewart Schenk is a 13 year old snowboarder who has been riding since he was 2. Brenden's first board was a 90cm Yellow Bus. He is currently riding a 158 Option and has a definite need for speed. Brenden has been practicing "air boarding" and 360's in the living room since he was 4. Brenden is also the youngest known boarder to break a leg while riding (at age 3 - as seen in "HIPS THAT RIP").